Pre-2011 Selected Client Work

During this period, I primarily worked on Microsoft contract projects directly as a vendor or while working in-house at interactive agencies. The work below shows some independent client projects I did outside of those.

 Mobile site 
Client: Taphandles Inc.
Role: UX design, front-end development
Launch: May 2010

Agency portfolio / e-commerce site
Client: Taphandles Inc.
Role: Front-end development
Launch: March 2010


Marketing site (Phase 1)
Client: Stem & Plate
Role: UX design, visual design, development, e-commerce UX design iteration + integration for Phase 2
Launch: (Phase 1) December 2009, (Phase 2) Spring 2010


Restaurant site
Client: Ocho
Role: Design, development 
Launch: Spring 2008

Mobile site 
Client: FGI Seattle (for Finsphere) 
Role: Front-end development (optimized to simulate native iPhone app + display/degrade elegantly across variety of mobile browsers); design iteration for different page types
Launch: Summer 2010

E-commerce site
Client: Washington Learning Systems
Role: UX / visual design, Flash animation, wireframes, content strategy, print collateral & ads

Public health site
Client: Radarworks
Role: Flash animation for microsite & banner ads, design iteration for banner ads 
Launch: Summer 2008


Homepage redesign
Client: Casey Grants
Role: UX design, graphic design, development
Launch: September 2010


E-commerce / content site
Client: Cognition Studio
Role: Front-end development in WordPress, SEO
Launch: January 2010 


Small business site (comp)
Client: Re-Leaf Massage
Role: UX/visual design, logo creation