NEW BOOK: Tokyo: Shibuya Shimokitazawa Harajuku (September 2017)


I’m excited to announce the publication of my first monograph, available on

Tokyo: Shibuya Shimokitazawa Harajuku

Hardcover - Expanded Edition
84 pages  / 7”x 7”
Look inside

Also available as Softcover/Mini Edition (34 pages) .

A note on the book design:

Most of the photographs in the book were originally not square. The first layout for the book was large format and displayed the photos on white backgrounds that accommodated all photo orientations — horizontal, vertical, etc — but the book did not “feel” right to me. Tokyo is a vast megalopolis that, on the ground, feels intimate, teeming, overflowing — and I wanted the physical book to capture that, that feeling of tightly contained chaos. So I went with a full-bleed square format, where the images run into eachother and off the page.

At times this re-editing of non-square photos was painful, but ultimately transformative:  When juxtaposed against other images, it freed them to become new stories together, even to my eyes. I remember taking each photo — where I stood, what it sounded like, how I got the shot, what I did that day — and still, seeing them together creates an entirely new world.

(This describes the 84-page hardcover edition of the book. The mini softcover edition features a subset of these photos in the same 7″x7″ trim size but with 2-page spreads of single photos instead of microstories.) 

Jill Corral