AmazonFresh Rebranding & Launch


AmazonFresh Rebranding & Launch

AmazonFresh public launch. I led the rebranding, including art direction of marketing and photography, creating the new logo, copywriting, and overseeing design of delivery trucks and tote bags.

Role: Art Director, Logo Designer, Copywriter

Launch: June 2013

New Logo

AmazonFresh's original branding and illustrative style was rustic, farm-to-table, and food-forward. As the business grew, this did not scale with what was an increasingly premium and upscale brand that offered much more than grocery delivery. I proposed and designed a clean and modern new logo that launched in early 2013.

Before and after:


Delivery Trucks & Tote Bags

I guided and oversaw the design of the new delivery trucks and tote bags, from color palette to word choice to manufacturing materials and final production approval. 


Art Direction & Photography

I art-directed the marketing photo shoots in Los Angeles and San Francisco. (In many of the truck photos, I am actually inside the truck telling the driver where to go or slow down.) These photos appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other major news outlets. I also wrote the launch page copy that was quoted alongside them.