Amazon Fresh Redesign


Amazon Fresh Redesign standalone site redesign.

Role: Sole UX and Visual Designer

Launch: Summer 2012

Just wanted to check in and say that the new website re-design looks fantastic!
Very clean and elegant. Well done :).
— Amazon Fresh Customer had launched in 2007 and not changed much in layout or look and feel. I built the new design from concept to launch, including all UX and visual design, sell-through to leadership, asset creation, functional specifications, CSS, art direction, usability testing, etc. 

It was well-received by customers, and the new elevated aesthetic plus promotional placements led to a dramatic increase in co-op ad sales which was key to AmazonFresh being green-lighted to expand beyond its Seattle pilot test.

The redesign accomplished these goals: 

  • Modernize aesthetic to better reflect the product and brand: premium service, upscale, “foodie”, world-class. 

  • Improve core UX: Unify interdependent controls, surface notifications & messaging. 

  • Responsive design that would look great and work well on desktop or tablets. 

  • Dramatically increase the number of promo & ad placements on the homepage.

Before Redesign


  • AmazonFresh was touted as a premium service but the site still looked and functioned as a budget alpha launch. 

  • Poor visual design choices, including outdated aesthetics and UI styles, inconsistent palette, inflexible and limited ad placements, inelegant typography, poor use of layout and whitespace, etc. 


After: Responsive, Touch-Friendly Layout

The new site was built on a custom grid layout that I designed to work seamlessly in landscape or portrait modes, along with improved typography, streamlined palette, and other aesthetic improvements. 


After: Better Delivery Scheduling

Global access to delivery scheduling information while shopping the site. 

This design pattern was later used by other Amazon teams with delivery- and threshold-based services, including AmazonFresh when it launched on in 2016.