Amazon Fresh on Concept

Concept and Design Strategy

In late 2013, I was tasked with exploring the viability of moving the AmazonFresh experience to (It had been built as a standalone site at I wrote the customer experience strategy, including tenets and feature set, and designed the proof-of-concept walkthrough customer journey which were presented to Jeff Bezos and top leadership. The project was greenlighted and launched in January 2016 in the U.S. and UK. 

I worked with a team of AmazonFresh UX and visual designers, as well as designers across the company,  to deliver the design. The scope of the project was immense as it involved working with all core functional groups across Amazon. The final launch product successfully reflected the tenets and goals, as well as many of the design concepts, that were set out in my initial documents.

Below is some of the original proof-of-concept work that was presented to leadership.

User Experience Strategy (Excerpt)

"This document details the critical aspects of the customer experience for incorporating the current AmazonFresh shopping experience onto for Prime Fresh members. It lists the unique aspects of the AmazonFresh experience considered critical to retain on


  • Make AmazonFresh easily discoverable and shoppable without inhibiting shopping in other categories. Enable modal shopping (e.g. cart-building, AmazonFresh Store) without boxing in user or deterring spearfishing. 

  • Do not add friction to current experience. AmazonFresh is about making customers' lives more convenient, not more complicated. Do not introduce major new core UI / metaphors if not necessary, e.g. two carts. 

  • Clear AmazonFresh branding/benefit to customer -- the brand must be deployed meaningfully to simplify and drive shopping, not for its own sake. 

  • AmazonFresh membership entitles customer to the fastest and most frictionless shipping experience possible and absorbs restrictions, e.g. Add-On Item concept becomes moot. Overall, AmazonFresh is assumed to be preferred delivery method (in same way that Prime 2-Day is now) and is default / has visual dominance in cart and checkout.


UX Concept Design

These concept designs showed how AmazonFresh would live on, including: global navigation, search results display, shopping cart, new "everywhere cart," checkout, dedicated store, etc.